• Studio 317

A group of skilled beings from the post-sports-apparel-industry are set to change the face of the Portland Apparel production community.

Studio 317 specializes in sample production, pattern making, grading, and even full fledged design—idea building carried through to sample production, as well as consulting. They have a few sewing machines set up as of now, as well as a digital pattern printer, a small textile library that's in the process of becoming much larger, and bonding machines set to arrive in early December. A space in the mezzanine will be rented out for industry professional meetings, both big and small, and (possibly) events. While the studio is still in the process of fully building itself, work is being collected since their under-the-radar opening in September.

Owner/designer Elizabeth LeMay has 17 years experience in the industry and after retiring, has decided to make her longtime dreams a reality. This type of work will never be "cheap" in Portland (or the US for that matter) but the fact that we have one more Portland based resource for apparel designers to get professional help is pretty exciting. Paying a little extra to get that finely constructed garment makes it possible to charge a little more for high quality, which consumers are definitely starting to recognize and appreciate. The fact that these resources are within our grasp, makes it more realistic to dedicate time to actual design conception and marketing. We now have one more direct source in our city as an option if we manage to get the funding!

Another benefit is that she'll be offering classes that range from how the design process works, and what to expect when working with a manufacturing studio, to being educated on how to use the machines they have, so you can rent and operate them yourself (on site). ( RCT (Rose City Textiles) offers similar services, which we'll also be exploring further very soon (many people already go there, but it's remained under-the-radar too.)

The work space is currently somewhat sparse, but won't be for long, and once they're all set up they plan to have an open house and are thinking something along the lines of group tours. Stay tuned for more information in the next couple months, but so far it's sounding pretty solid. In the meantime, visit the website to get more details, and if you're curious (and serious) Elizabeth is quite generous with her time in explaining what she and her team can do for you in person.

The mezzanine conference space
  • Studio 317
  • The mezzanine conference space