Greedy retailers are ruining Thanksgiving for low-wage employees by forcing them to work on the one goddamned American holiday that isn't about the buying and selling of plastic bullshit shipped in from China. ThinkProgress has smartly decided to call this phenomenon The War on Thanksgiving. I wholeheartedly approve of this move.

They've compiled a list of chain retailers who are forcing their employees to come in and work on Thanksgiving Day. They've also compiled a list of chain retailers who are letting their employees have one fucking day to live like human beings without the threat of being berated by some asshole because the product they wanted isn't in stock. If you're going out this weekend, you should give your business to the stores that are treating their employees with dignity.

In addition to that list, I'd like to add the fact that there are a ton of local businesses that aren't forcing their employees to work on Thanksgiving, so their employees can enjoy time with their friends and family. You should thank them with your dollars.