In case you missed it, Twitter has been fired up today about an Asian doctor who was picked at random and dragged off a United Airlines flight by security because the airline had overbooked the flight. (They wanted to make sure their standby crew could board and have a seat.) Watch the video from Business Insider, and warning... it isn't pretty:

This scandal follows on the heels of United's recent poor decision of kicking a couple of teenagers off one of their flights because they were wearing leggings—which in the airline's misogynistic view was unseemly.

Well, surely after all this scandal, United Airlines will take a hit in the pocketbook, right? NOPE!

Stock prices soared today for the airline immediately following news of United's decision to drag this humiliated man off their flight following an overbooking mistake they made. And this is why it's baffling to me why the media uses the health of Wall Street as a barometer for the health of the nation. Without fail, the stock market will dip and rise over the slightest change in national news and is basically the real world equivalent of the chicken who claims the sky is falling. Make no mistake: The stock market is a barometer... but only for the health of the nation's richest few—and simply encourages corporations to follow their basest, most immoral instincts.