After the deluge of big-name games at Christmastime, we're currently in spring's gaming drought. Never fear, though: This is the underdog's time to shine. Search out some of these promising oddball titles to fill that gaming void.

Destroy All Humans! (PS2, Xbox; June) Like copied VHS tapes, every generation of clones is a weaker copy. This is the problem facing Crypto the Alien, who must explore Earth to find a pure strain of DNA to reinvigorate his species' gene pool. Don't be afraid to blast, fry, disintegrate, vaporize, and otherwise destroy any human standing in your way… or any human just standing anywhere, really.

Psychonauts (PS2, Xbox; out now) Most people would hesitate to call videogames "cerebral," but Psychonauts plans to challenge that notion in a very literal way. It's mind over matter as you jump into the heads of your foes and sort out their mental baggage. Wacky, original, and a blast to look at (when's the last time you saw a level based on black-light paintings?), Psychonauts promises to be a lot more fun than a real trip to the shrink.

Killer 7 (PS2, GameCube; June) What if someone made a strange, psychotic shooter game based largely on Suzuki Seijin's '60s yakuza films? What if the game starred a schizophrenic, wheelchair-bound assassin with seven different personalities, each of whom were brought to life and used to kill? What if the personalities ran the gamut from masked wrestlers to dominatrix? And what if it all looked cool as hell?

Lego Star Wars (PS2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance; out now) If you're one of the millions of 20-somethings that spent their childhood obsessed with Star Wars, Nintendo, and Legos, prepare for the Holy Grail of nostalgia. This game--in which you can play Lego-ized versions of Episodes I-III--is targeted at the prequel-weaned kids of today. But you know your appreciation of the subject matter is way deeper than theirs.