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Aaron Russo: The Rich Man's Michael Moore!


I like how you point out the specifics of what it is that is half baked or untrue. You really don't challenge anything, you just attack Russo's character. How about you mention what it is in the film that you disagree with, or better yet present facts that support your case?
Because he is incapable of presenting facts supporting his case against Russo. He can't show us the law, because it doesn't exist. Moore behaves like a typical politician, attempting to influence those among us who do not think critically because they are the majority.

From a psychological perspective, one could say that Moore is merely trying to reduce the cognitive dissonance that arises from the very real possibility that he may have been deceived over the years like so many others, and so has convinced himself that his own "arguments" are valid.
Both of you are wrong. The Internal Revenue Code of 1954 was passed by both houses of Congress as House Resolution 8300, and was signed by President Eisenhower on August 16, 1954, at about 9:45 a.m., becoming Public Law 83-591, 68A Stat. 3.

There is your law. Go look it up or spend time in jail for not paying your taxes.
Scott Moore has a valid position on this, although his character assassination of Russo and labeling of anyone who considers that there may be a case here as 'anarchist and anti-social', I believe, cheapens this article.

At least Moore, unlike the IRS, appears willing to accept that the tax is unconstitutional. It's just that he thinks that unconstitutional can also be acceptable.

The only part of this article that is remotely relevant is his reference to the 16th amendment which unfortunately is flawed and irrelevant to the argument. The argument is one of unconstitutionality rather than law enforcement issue. It is also an issue of the nature of the US government.

If the law existed this issue would have been nipped in the bud long ago, the reality is the law doesn't exist, it's just whether you think that this is acceptable or not and whether it's acceptable for the government to lie to you.
If the Supreme Court, according to Russo, confirmed in eight different cases that private income tax, or taxation of labour, is unconstitutional, the passing of an IRS code through congress doesn't change anything when it comes to the legality of the issue. In other words like Russo put it: "The IRS and the Government are not beyond the Supreme Court".
"Trouble is, the frog-faced Russo is nearly unwatchable. Where Moore is a working-class everyman"... what could "frog-faced" and "clearly of a different caste: Hollywood mogul" possibly mean?

While Michael Moore is a "working-class everyman", in other words a good ol' boy from Flint, Michigan of hillbilly stock.

Dog whistles all.

Then again, attacks on libertarianism from the economic populist left almost always have a latent anti-Semitic angle, hinging as they do on crude dismissal of Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Milton and David Friedman..and now, apparently, Aaron Russo... as the ideologists of some imagined group of cosmopolitan John Galts, seasteaders, and tax evaders, in contrast of course to red-blooded "real Americans" who pay their taxes; work for an hourly wage; join unions; become cops, teachers, janitors, firefighters and other "public service" employees; and vote for anyone with a "D" after his name.

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