American men love them some Rambo, don't they? Well, guess what? So do Englishmen—English boys, to be exact. English boys growing up in the '80s, to be exact-er. English boys who directed Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, to be the exactest.

Despite the fact it's directed by Garth Jennings—the same guy who helmed the Hitchhiker's adaptation a few years back—Son of Rambow is nothing at all like Hitchhiker's. (They don't mention Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters once!) Instead, Son of Rambow is about two young boys and the remake of Rambo that they put together during an idyllic English summer (is there any other kind?).

The boys are Lee Carter (Will Poulter), a neglected bad boy with a majorly dickish older brother (who's played by Chuck from Gossip Girl! Eeeee!), and Will (Bill Milner), the sensitive, sheltered one living in a repressed Amish-ish community. Will's not allowed to watch TV or see movies, so he's often cast out of the classroom and forced to sit in the hallway next to a goldfish whenever a movie is played, while Lee is also often cast out into the hallway for things like, oh, I don't know—maybe punching girls in the face and an unfortunate incident of fish murder. Anyway, the boys end up bonding in front of the dean's office and becoming instant best friends, and what follows is a sweet, funny, and romantic film about two boys remaking the original Rambo in its entirety.

Also of note: An interesting subplot about a sexually ambiguous French foreign exchange student, Didier (Jules Sitruk), and the gaggle of boys who emulate his every move. The leader of this gang of hangers-on is Danny, who's played by Stanley Kubrick's grandson, Sam Kubrick-Finney. This is awesome because (A) STANLEY FUCKING KUBRICK and (B) this little Kubrick is really a very, very good little actor. And also, I love that this film doesn't shy away from the romantic hero worship boys and girls of that age have for one another. And really, do people ever truly grow out of that phase? Because I know at least 700 so-called heterosexual men who seriously get a boner over Daniel Craig as James Bond. And Rambo, too.