Exactly the sort of sex-positive romp that makes people in the suburbs view Portland as a debauched wonderland, the second annual Sex PDX festival offers events that range from the merely sexy to the downright lewd. This year's Sex PDX features plenty of celluloid skin and sexy events, and like a friendly orgy, you can enter the fray at whatever level you feel comfortable.

On Friday, September 26, things kick off at the Bagdad Theater with the energetic, silly softcore romp Hollywood Hot Tubs, while at Voodoo Doughnuts Too on Tuesday September 30, there'll be a free outdoor screening of the Technicolor cheesecake classic Teaserama, featuring performances from burlesque legends like Bettie Page.

For the week of September 26 through October 2, the Clinton Street Theater offers a XXX double feature with '70s bondage flick Dominatrix Without Mercy and the less- aggressive, ladies-only Female Chauvinists (think of the latter as a treatise on militant lesbians with enormous breasts).

Additionally, look for classic 35mm sex films to season events like the "Gangband Installations '08" all-day concert at the Clinton Street on Sunday, September 28, as well as a party at the Waypost on Monday, September 29. For more info, see mcmenamins.com, clintonsttheater.com, thewaypost.com, and Movie Times.