Suddenly I'm nine years old again, watching The Wonderful World of Disney on a Sunday night—but instead of getting to see something awesome like The Million Dollar Duck or The Cat from Outer Space, the movie this particular evening is a documentary called Morning Light about a bunch of boring, rich kids racing a Disney-financed sailboat around Hawaii—and it's not even animated for Christ's sake.

Morning Light follows 15 (rich) kids chosen as the youngest crew ever to compete in the 44th Transpacific Yacht Race to Hawaii, a 2,225-mile open-ocean race that sounds terrifically exciting. It is not.

Visually, the nighttime shots of the lonely sailboat out in the middle of the Pacific surrounded by stars are gorgeous, but the rest of the film fails to pull the audience in. Sailing is a rich man's sport, and while these kids prove themselves to be professional, brave, and talented, I found it hard to identify with or even empathize with their goal. However, sailing enthusiasts and/or people who enjoyed White Squall might find this movie worth watching on some Sunday night. Me, I'd rather move Disney's The Three Lives of Thomasina up to the top of my Netflix queue.