If you, like me, have been desperately wondering what Devin Ratray has been doing since he played Macaulay Culkin's dickhead older brother, Buzz, in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, then here, finally, is your answer: He's been making Courting Condi, a "musical docu-tragi-comedy" that's as ill-advised as its description would suggest. The gimmick: Devin Ratray plays "Devin Ratray," a lonely musician who's deeply in love with Condoleezza Rice. By sending her personalized music videos, stalking around her haunting grounds of Birmingham, Stanford, and Washington, DC, and interviewing her old childhood friends, high school teachers, and colleagues, Ratray aims to woo her.

Courting Condi is two films: While the aimless mockumentary half clumsily swipes from Sacha Baron Cohen and Michael Moore, the documentary half—culled from plenty of videotaped news footage and broadcast interviews with Rice—packs in an impressive amount of biographical info about Ratray's objet d'amour. The comedy wears out its welcome about two minutes in (note: Courting Condi's runtime is about an hour and 45 minutes), but the engaging, too-sparse info about Rice suggests there's a truly excellent documentary to be made about our former secretary of state. Unfortunately, as it veers from tired slapstick to ham-fisted agit-prop, Courting Condi isn't it—this might be the only film in history to include both a fat dude on ice skates falling down and photos from Abu Ghraib.