Movies & TV Feb 4, 2010 at 4:00 am

A Hallmark Channel Unoriginal


I've never been a huge fan of Lasse Hallstrom, but wow. What a fall from grace. Who tossed this tedious white-bread assignment on his doorstep? Hollywood is a talent vacuum.
The person who wrote this article is obviously unfamiliar with the true meaning of Dear John, which is actually based off a beautiful story by best-selling author Nicholas Sparks. You are definitely showing your ignorance to the fact that this might actually be going on with our troops and took the job to review this movie why? Don't write about something you lack knowledge in, especially if you're going to stereotype it.
This is quite possibly the funniest review I've ever read! I'm in stitches! I just text 5 people to read this and now they are all laughing their asses off too. "Fiery under the shirt over the bra love" BAH! I'm really hoping "npapaya" is joking in their comment and if they're not, even better! AND funnier! This review isn't stereotyping anything, its a commentary on a stereotypical movie. Gather your Notebook, Time Traveler's Wife and Dear John and throw yourself a middle aged romance day and cry into your kerchief.

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