Movies & TV Aug 19, 2010 at 4:00 am

Hey, Guys? The Switch Is Kind of Fucked Up.

THE SWITCH Pictured above: Jason Bateman, scheming a terrible, terrible scheme.


Yikes! this is one hell of a fucked up review. I heard it's a good I'll see it.
Why do Merc reviews always ruin the ending of every fucking movie? The good ones, the bad ones, the ugly ones. Your spoiler-revealing reviews, although consistent, are shit.
P.S.Fast-forward your life Alison... your dog dies.
@ lame: wow, that's a lot of bile out of having a Jennifer Aniston movie "ruined" by explaining the set-up.

If it pisses you off that the reviews "always" do this, maybe you should maybe not click on them maybe.
The premise of this movie really, really bothers me. The idea that a woman could say to a man, "No, thank you, I don't want you to be the father of my child" and then he could sneakily impregnate her anyway—that is not romantic! That is totally fucked up!

Also, I didn't have room to mention this in my review, but Aniston and Bateman both have blue eyes, and the kid has brown eyes, and my 10th grade biology teacher told me that was impossible.
Everything in this review is in the movie preview. Nothing was spoiled, lame, unless you don't watch previews either but if you don't watch previews you should probably stop reading reviews.
A++++. I love you for that subhead alone. The preview kind of freaks me out.
Your fired.

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