Yeah, this sounds like a bad idea. Unless I hear some previews telling me that this might have a prayer of being good, I'll stick to the Dark Horse "season 8" stuff.
I think this is a good thing, because the problem with Whedon's Buffy was all that witty dialog and engaging characters. It was just so distracting.

Also, they really need to cast Nicolas Cage in the new version.
Yep, conflicted on this one.
I'm CON. Sounds lamers...
Yeah. On the one hand I love Buffy. On the other I love Joss' writing, which is what I suspect what I love about Buffy. Yet on the other hand still, Joss' stated purpose was to create a character that could exist irrespective of him - which this movie would do. Yet, the logical side of me knows that there's very little chance this movie can be good without Joss and there's still very cool Buffy stuff happening where Joss is involved. I don't know, the timing of this "reboot" seems pretty awkward and poorly played.

It's a pickle. I'll still probably see it in the theater.
I will see it at Cinemagic, but definitely NOT at Regal. I might rant, but I'll see it anyway. Somehow I can sense I will be seeing it alone (my husband doesn't like Buffy. Although he did like Firefly. So maybe if I don't tell him about the planned ranting...) or with other ranting Joss Whedon fans. If my husband is really lucky, I'll see it with him AND a bunch of ranting Joss Whedon fans. On the upside, Tron's coming out soon!
Oh, it's for a movie. I missed that part in the quote. I thought it was for a rebooted series.

As long as Luke Perry makes a cameo in the "rebooted" movie, then I'm happy.
it's being written by Future Lindsay Lohan!?

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