The Grindhouse Film Fest is back with another kung fu double feature! This time: the kickass Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, followed by The Bastard Swordsman. Here's the preview for Eight Diagram Pole Fighter:


I haven't seen Bastard Swordsman, but the Hollywood Theatre's Dan Halsted makes it sound pretty damn impressive:

Prepare for your mind to melt out of your skull when the Bastard unleashes his Silkworm Style! If you've never seen two kung fu masters fight it out inside a large flying cocoon, here's your chance!

The double feature goes down this Saturday night at the Hollywood (4122 NE Sandy), with Eight Diagram Pole Fighter at 7 and The Bastard Swordsman at 9. Wanna go for free? Good, 'cause I've got two tickets to give away! Email me no later than 2 pm PST today (Thursday, March 3), and make sure your subject line is "Silkworm Style." I'll pick a winner at random at around 2 and send 'em an email to let them know how to get their tickets.