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Matt McCormick's Dour Some Days Are Better Than Others



Mopelandia!… perfectly puddletown. jc
Previews seem god awful... seems like he used all the miranda july gimmicks he could.
I'm going to see it just to see how many areas
It rips off Miranda July ... I see four just in the
Preview... The lesbian that works at goodwill...that
Was Miranda in real life. I feel like dying on
The days that feel like this movie. Why would
You make a movie like that. You can have
Whatever movie you want. It's your movie!!!
This film blew me away. So, it's like a group of different stories about different characters, right? All of these stories seem entirely unrelated. But here's the catch -- and hold on to your seat, because this is amazing -- in the end, you realize that they are all interconnected in some way you hadn't anticipated at the beginning of the film. Woah! It's like that Don Delillo book about the baseball and the garbage man, or whatever. I hope this narrative device is employed in more films!
I have seen this film and completely disagree with the review. In today's world, the audience is completely comfortable with overlapping and interwoven narrative. We are tired of Portland magnified and idealized. This is real, and by its nature, universal to other cities in many people's experience. See it readers and decide for yourselves.
I too disagree with all the negative reviews. I think people are allowing their bias against hipsters to ruin this film. I found it to be honest, charming, and lovely to observe.
Mr McCormick definately has talent as a cinematographer. His photography is pure poetry, but a talent like that is seperate from screenplay writing and directing. I think he felt obligated by the stigma of his talents to create a narrative screenplay. He should embrace what he does best, and hopefully someone else will too and let him DP a great script resulting in an epic film.
Carrie Brownstein is not meant for visual mediums.
@Chuck, nor auditory ones.
@Ovidius, CURSE YOU! Next time you feel like ruining the ending of a movie, have the basic common courtesy to type "SPOILER ALERT!"
Matt McCormick is a talented filmmaker and I have respect for him (he's also a super nice dude), but choosing to use Carrie Brownstein, and perhaps to a slightly lesser extent James Mercer, was a major blunder on his part and ruined any chances this film had of being any good. This Brownstein woman especially, so mightily offends with her baffling mix of incompetence and conceit. Hopefully she will get that tremendous ego deflated enough to realize that she has no business trying to "act".
I loved the first paragraph of this review.
Cool, the Portlandia chick is in it, now I don't have to watch it.

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