Shamefully, I'm no stranger to heckling, but the folks at Fleur de Lethal are celebrating the normally unpopular loudmouths in the crowd by hosting a fun-sounding heckle-along of the famous stinker Showgirls, in which a hopped-up Jessie Spano pool-humps the penis off Special Agent Dale Cooper in a shark-like frenzy. They're even hosting San Francisco's Peaches Christ, famous for her interactive Showgirls heckle-paloozas, also expect a cabaret show and audience participation
with a Nomi vs. Cristal costume contest.

Probably being the only living person to watch this in the theater four times in 1995 (surrounded by fathers and their sons), I've always been shocked that Joe Eszterhas' script didn't win an Oscar:
Cristal Connors: I like nice tits. I always have, how about you?
Nomi Malone: I like having nice tits.
Cristal Connors: How do you like having 'em?
Nomi Malone: What do you mean?
Cristal Connors: You know what I mean.
Nomi Malone: I like having them in a nice dress, or a tight top.
Cristal Connors: Mmmm. You like to show em off.

Saturday, September 17
Mission Theater, 1624 NW Glisan
10 pm doors, 10:15 pm pre-show starring Peaches Christ w/Chi Chi & Chonga and Carla Rossi, 11 pm screening
$8, 21+

Here's a little NSFW trailer to whet your trash-cinema appetite: