The non-profit Cinema Project is one of the things that makes Portland such a good spot for film: In bringing experimental and avant-garde cinema to town, they fill a void no one else in town does. (Hell—they fill a void most towns don't even know exists.) While avant-garde film isn't usually my thing, I'm still glad it's around, and I'm glad Cinema Project gets it to Portlanders for whom it is their thing.

However! Like seemingly everyone else in a creative field in these shitty times, Cinema Project's just launched a Kickstarter:

The majority of our financial support has come from local and national grant funding organizations, like the Regional Arts & Culture Council, the Oregon Cultural Trust, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, which we have recently completed. However, these funds are restricted to specific program-related fees, leaving things like operating and administrative costs and even basic expenses for our regular programs underfunded. With the end of the Warhol and the beginning of a new season, Cinema Project needs your help.

Check it out here.