THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Hufflepuff shmentor!
  • THE DARK KNIGHT RISES "Hufflepuff shmentor!"

Over at Apple there's a new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, AKA That Movie Where No One Can Understand a Goddamn Thing One of the Major Characters Says. In the trailer Bane blows up a football field (TAKE THAT FOOTBALL ENTHUSIASTS!) and Catwoman gets all up in Batman's face and is all, "SOCIAL COMMENTARY!"

I generally really enjoy Christoper Nolan's films—especially The Dark Knight—but I'm usually more impressed with his ability to dream up massive, surreal imagery and then score it with gut-rattling percussion than anything else; narratively, I almost always find things to be pretty lacking. I have no doubt The Dark Knight Rises will deliver plenty of badass, percussion-pounding moments, but seeing how muddy the narratives for Nolan's movies usually are, I'm also getting a Spider-Man 3 vibe from the 4,000 characters he's decided to cram into his final Bat-movie.