The Portlandia news just keeps rolling in. The Hollywood Theatre and PSU’s MFA in Art and Social Practice program just announced a film contest called "People's Portlandia," which appears to be predicated on the notion that Portlandia's representation of Portland's daffy, self-involved hipsters just doesn't go far enough:

Last year the TV show Portlandia drew attention to some of the qualities that make our city unique. Maybe for some of you those skits and characters paled in comparison to your own experiences living in Portland. Alongside the second season of Portlandia, the Hollywood Theatre, in partnership with PSU’s MFA in Art and Social Practice program will host the first ever “People’s Portlandia,” a collection of Portlandia inspired skits made by Portland residents.

Entries will be accepted here beginning in early December. A People’s Portlandia sneak preview will take place after the Portlandia premiere on January 6th at 10pm. The very best People’s Portlandia videos will compete for glorious prizes at the “Best of Show” in March.

I like their featured preview video about "therapy animals"; I even laughed out loud at one part. (You'll know.)

If anybody wants to make a documentary short in which I wear leather boots into the vegan coffee shop and then complain about the service, I'll be doing that anyway.