Movies & TV Jan 5, 2012 at 4:00 am

There's No Possible Way We'll Be Disappointed by 2012! Right?

PROMETHEUS โ€œOh, great, an alien torture dungeon. Thanks for NOTHING, Google Maps.โ€


Groooan. Another horrid Batman flick, Tarantino taking a piss on another genre, Baz Lurhmann still refusing to go the fuck away, and Tim Burton making another 90s teen goth film on his mac. Wonderful.

I thought 2011 was fairly decent. I'm hoping P.T. Anderson's The Master wraps up and gets distribution by December. I'm also looking forward to Carnage, which seems like Polanski revisiting his Bitter Moon mischief.
Forgot "Cogan's Trade" and "The Wettest County in the World". Those wacky Australian are back at it again! Malick's next film could be ready. Wes Anderson has a new one. Cronenberg should have his "Cosmopolis" adaptation out by the end of the year. We won't see them until 2013, but both Haneke and Wong Kar-Wai have films in the work. Leos Carax new film is done, so hell must be freezing over. And for us 80s nostalgists, both Walter Hill and Brian De Palma have films lined up (not the most exciting on paper, one must admit).

It's nice to have Spielberg make a film that's actually worth being excited over. Plus, Tarantino might actually be forced to make a movie that's about something other than his own love for movies. Looks like a potentially good year to me.
@2: That's more like it. Although, something tells me Malick's new film will be tied up for 5-10 years in post productions and distribution entanglements. The Carax, Wong Kar Wai and Haneke films, all of which I have to believe are aiming for a Cannes debut (?) won't hit Portland until probably mid-2013.
WWZ and the Dictator, both look good.

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