Because I am the sort of person who has a favorite movie studio logo, and because my favorite movie studio logo happens to be Universal's, specifically the one used from 1963-1990, I'll note that Universal's new version of their logo—

—is significantly better than their cheap-looking last one, but not nearly as good as the ones they had from 1963-1996. Also, the Scott Pilgrim one deserves some sort of special mention. And! I really wish this new one didn't say "Comcast" on it, as now every time I see it I will just think about how I haven't paid this month's internet bill yet.

And now you know how I feel about that. FYI, I am also available to discuss my deeply held beliefs regarding the various logos of Burger King and the Portland Mercury, as well as those of the Marvel, Dark Horse, and DC comics companies. I have absolutely no art, design, or art design experience whatsoever.