Tonight at the Hollywood Theatre: The only known 35mm print of Sammo Hung's 1987 action epic Eastern Condors! The Hollywood's Dan Halsted explains it thusly:

It's the kung fu Dirty Dozen! A motley group of Chinese prisoners are given a long-shot chance for freedom. They are sent on a deadly mission deep into Vietnam to destroy a weapons arsenal left behind by the US. The group, including martial arts superstars Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, and Master Yuen Woo Ping, hook up with a trio of female freedom fighters. The ragtag group has to fight dozens of enemies, endure double crosses, and invade a secret lair. None of that compares though to the blistering jaw-dropping finale, featuring some of the most wince-inducing stunt work ever put on film. Directed by Sammo Hung (The Victim), this is celluloid napalm exploding in your FACE!

Um, yes please? Here's the trailer:

The show's at the Hollywood (4122 NE Sandy), at 7:30, and tickets are normally $7. I've got a pair to give away, though, so email me no later than 4 pm today and make sure your subject line is "SAMMO." At 4, I'll pick a winner at random and let them know how to get their tickets. Cool? Cool. GO.