Sorry, but kind of crass to compare this situation to a stupid Hollywood flick.
Anyways, i so hope that this doesn't become yet another "suicidal person murdered by cop". Hopefully they've learned something in the last few days, years...ok, maybe not.
Still, they did a great job dealing with John Griffin. i knew him well & he is not a violent man, but he is seriously mentally ill. i was so relieved to learn that he came out of it alive. THAT is how it should be done. Whoever this person is, i hope that they fare as well. And they don't end up as yet another PPB murder.
Did he just see the movie?
... second story? Is he threatening to break his ankle?
So it's basically this:…
or this:…

(Just kidding, I hope everything works out, and if he somehow dies from a second story ledge, I'll feel like a real asshole tomorrow. But I doubt that.)
He wanted to jump from a 30 story ledge, but he was afraid he might change his mind on the way down, so he decided to jump from the second story 30 times, just in case. (Thanks Jam!)
@1 pretty much, but Number Six expressed it better. Nice stupid "ironic"headline. Pathetic.
These public jumpers never really want to jump, they want attention. That's why the attention getters always want to jump in a visible space. The people with real intent just do it.
Has it been verified that it was an actual ledge that this actual man was on?

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