In all the nattering about Moonrise Kingdom and Prometheus (and last weekend's true box office champion, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted), it was easy to overlook the fact that Safety Not Guaranteed opened in a few places, including Portland. It is great and you should see it. Look, I interviewed the director!

This film is fantastic, and this blog post is overly adulatory, but those two things are related: I write about a lot of crappy movies, so when a good one comes along that people don't really seem to know about, I want to, you know. Let people know about it. Especially this one, because I'm pretty sure anyone who isn't a cold-hearted idiot would enjoy it. So this is just me reminding you that Safety Not Guaranteed exists, and encouraging you to go see it over any of the films I mentioned above, unless you really, really want to see Madagascar 3.