This week's Film section is great! We have reviews of ParaNorman, Searching for Sugar Man, Dark Horse, and, once we get it posted, we'll even have Joneser's web-only review of Sparkle—a film the studio intentionally showed to us at such a late date that they knew we wouldn't be able to get a review into print, and thus hoped we wouldn't bother reviewing it at all. (Suck it, TriStar Pictures!) And we've got even more reviews in Film Shorts and here are Movie Times and YOU'RE WELCOME.

One film we don't have a review of, though, is The Expendables 2, which Lions Gate Entertainment straight-up refused to show to critics. Which probably means it's awful. Worse than the first one, maybe. HOWEVER. When the demand's been great enough (or when I've been bored enough), I've gone to some of these not-screened-for-critics films on their opening weekend, on my own time, then cranked out a review for you guys on the following Monday. I am currently waffling between doing this for The Expendables 2. So. Make your opinions known, people who either do or don't give a shit about reading a review of The Expendables 2. The fate of my weekend—or at least two hours of it—is in your hands.