SUCKA !!!!
Taking one for the team! Thanks, Erik. Off to teh torrentz...
You bought the ticket three minutes before showtime? THAT'S A MAN WHO LIKES TO LIVE DANGEROUSLY!
My god Eric, you paid $10.50 to see this??? I really hope the Merc. reimbursed you.
I don't plan on seeing it unless you can confirm Stallone and Stathem kiss.
I think I got more laughs out of the review than I could get from the movie. And that 7 Psycopaths trailer, that's minty fresh! (though the more recent DSM suggests "sociopath" as a better term. I wonder if the producers would change it? Hmmm, makes me want to make a HUMP version.)
"The Expendables 2 is the sort of movie that shows you a cityscape with the Eiffel Tower in it and then feels the need to put 'PARIS, FRANCE' at the bottom of the screen." ahaha!
darleen, is Dish totally awesome? I can't decide. Hoping for some insider knowledge/opinions.
Something about Darleen's post seems to point to spamming/sockpuppeting.
Really? They don;t have sunsets in Albania? That's weird because it is a country that's right in the Mediterranean - for those who DON'T KNOW smack in the middle of Southeastern Europe with the most amazing sunsets at sea, mountain, lake, rivers etc.
It might have been a VERY poor country, what do you expect after living 50 years under a communist tyranny- maybe the harshest amongst peers. They have the best they could trying to learn everything from the beginning- think of it this way- Albania was revived after being 50 years in a coma and has to learn everything as a newborn- so don;t go make fun of Albanians and Albania. It is a shame that it is being used as the backdrop for a lot of crime infested movies, the least you could do is slander the populace and the GOd given sunsets.
y this I gotta play game to end at fun'
I'm Albanian and there is nothing that even suggests that there is anything going on in Albania. In fact if i didn't know that this movie is supposed to be taking place in Albania I wouldn't have ever guessed it. The shoots are not taken in Albania, the language is not Albanian and the people are not Albanian either. I would've thought it to be taking place in Ukraine for all I would've known or cared. I have never even seen a movie like this, it's like nothing in that movie makes any kind of sense. I understand that's it's an action movie, but I expected much more from it. it's like they had extreme amounts of potential and simply shat on, the cast was completely wasted on this movie... *sadface*
It is a little bit confusing because the movie does not have any relation to Albania. The only relation of the movie with Albania it is when they say by letters that they are flying over Albania. The language is not Albanian. Sad to see that people who don't have any information for Albania get the wrong view :((((
Language is bulgarian, it was shot in Bulgaria. However, it said Albania which made me wonder what the hell is going on. At the end where it says Paris, France ( after the spot with the Eiffel tower...) it was still Bulgaria. Registration plates were bulgarian but they`ve changed the colour of the EU stripe to red, I believe Albanian ones were red with the black eagle. Range Rover had a Sofia city registration, VW Golf Mk 5 when arriving at the airport - Plovdiv. Also, tank was an export verion T-72, Albania did not operate any of these.
Source: I am bulgarian.

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