Because I'm an idiot, I didn't know there was a name for this type of shot. Apparently there is! Fun fact: Even though I write about film for a living, I didn't go to film school. You probably knew this already, as it is fairly obvious. Even when I'm not like "Wha? There's a name for that?"

ANYWAY, here's yet another reminder that Stanley Kubrick makes just about every other filmmaker look like an inept halfwit.

(This video's fantastic, but like every video made by a film nerd with too much time on their hands, it uses the Requiem for a Dream music, which is now so overplayed that it has zero effect on anyone anywhere. To shake things up—and put a little spring in Stanley's step—I suggest muting the audio on the Vimeo, and instead soundtracking its visuals with the music from the YouTube I've helpfully embedded below. It actually works pretty well? Which is weird.)