Annnd despite my constant whining about Peter Jackson's decision to bloat what's supposed to be a straightforward children's adventure story into nine hours of blockbuster, the new Hobbit trailer makes me clap my hands and squeal like a giddy halfwit moron. Apparently, despite all my self-righteous cynicism, I'm a spineless pushover when it comes to Ian McKellen being all wizardy and HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE BILBO FIGHTING WITH STING AND STING WAS GLOWING OH SHIT YES

HD here.

I still can't shake the sense that with this new trilogy, Jackson might've stumbled down the path blazed by George Lucas—with no one to tell him "no," and with the means to tell a story however he decides to, without any limitations—and I'm always gonna be bummed that we'll never see what Guillermo del Toro's vision of Middle-earth was going to look like, but... yeah. Still. Spineless pushover, apparently. So now I'm all stoked. Just nobody remind me of the 3D glasses, otherwise I'll probably get all whiny again.

(Also, I am already annoyed by Bombur. Sorry Bombur! But you kind of suck.)