There's a pro surf contest going on right now, and they have a zip-lined camera rig hanging above the main take-off zone that is shooting at 100 FPS. Works great for super slow-mo!

I totally dislike watching HD stuff (the stuff I've seen at least). I remembro going to watch ::LOST:: at a friend's house on his HD tv, and I was like, "wow, looks like they're on some weak beach set. I'm not into this."

I'm glad to hear that Warner Bros is listening to the grumblings.
I'm just happy to learn there is apparently a website called "Badass Digest."
We recently got a much larger flatscreen with HD. When I first starting watching HD, it had that same sort of effect. Things are so very crisp and real that you can see just how fake they look.

You can see makeup on men's faces and set pieces. You can feel the flimsy weight of a set door. The fights looked staged. I've become used to it now, and no longer crave that regular broadcast, blurred-edged luster. But at first it kinda ruined tv for me.

But I'll catch The Hobbit in HFR if possible, if only to see what the new technology looks like.
You should turn the 120/240hz refresh rate off on your HD set. They all ship with this turned on and it's very similar to the weird look everyone is complaining about th 48fps, even if the shows are just shot in 30fps. It looks goofy as hell because you don't want that level of clarity out of your TV or movies.
My physics knowledge is a bit rusty, what frame rate is the universe projected at?
Todd, Googling "smallest time quantum" got me this:

So, according to that article, the universe's frame rate is about 10^43 fps.

Obviously, we still have some ways to go in PC graphics card development.

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