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A Late Quartet: The Messiness of Life, Set to Music

A LATE QUARTET β€œIt’s like Mr. Walken’s Opus. Did you get the joke I made?”


I will go see this. Walken is top notch. Interesting point about the strings going out of tune. I realize how finicky musicians can be, and how no two instruments either sound or play alike. The differences can affect how accurately the musician can produce the desired effects. A Stradivarius is extremely rare and exorbitantly expensive. Even if a player could afford to own a pair of them, there still would be differences that could unconsciously create confusion that would lead to inconsistent playing by alternating instruments. The secret of Stradivarius is now out, and excellent quality fiddles are now available at relatively affordable prices. Personally, if I had the gig, I'd just have a couple of cheap knock offs, so that when one went out of tune, I could simply grab the other.
Suicide Kings (1997)

Thirty Two Short Films about Glenn Gould (1993) - Extract
Secrets of the Stradivarius: An Interview with Joseph Nagyvary
By Charles Choi…
Hell, I'd even be so sacrilege, as to go with just one, good, replica and have installed a set of Sperzel,locking mini tuners.,…

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