Oh yeah, I forgot about this 48 FPS thing. Thanks for the reminder. I'd like to watch it in 24 FPS, regular 2D, with a FLAGON OF ALE RESTING ON MY BELLY.
I believe Cinemagic at SE 20th/Hawthorne is playing it in good old 2D, 24fps, 35mm.
I think the new format looks amazing. Sure, the first half hour or so of the film looks terrible. The outside scenes at the beginning reminded me of a Teletubbies episode. Over bright and too saturated.
If it continued like that then I would think the new 48fps was a mistake. But, after a while your eyes get use to what they're seeing and its amazing. Everything is so crisp and vivid and clear. I thought the set and costume designs hold up to the extra scrutiny that they receive.
The first time I saw HDTV I thought it looked terrible and over sharp and just weird. but I got use to it. same as this new format.
I'm trying to keep an open mind about this 48fps, because the backlash seems to be similar to when TV went HD.
Between the 48 FPS thing and every review that I've read thus far... I'd rather just go see Skyfall again.
This is one review I won't be reading.
Peter Jackson also shot the last half-hour of Return of the King at 48 FPS, but the technology wasn't ready yet so he just let it slowwwly crawl along at half speed.
well shit now I have to see both versions.

Generally I hate 3d, I almost always leave with a headache and most of the 3dness is just random bullshit that would be fine in 2d.
I'm not ever going to see it, so there.
One small nitpick: when you see an old BBC show that looks like it was shot on a camcorder, it was actually shot on a gigantic camera and recorded on an even bigger video tape machine. This was state-of-the-art 40 years ago, camcorder quality now.
Here's an email that just landed in my inbox:

"You can see what showings are at 48 FPS at the Vancouver Cinetopia by going to the Fandango page. That's helping me pick me non-48 FPS show, that's for sure. In case you wanted to pass it along.

It doesn't seem like the Beaverton Cinetopia lists them at this point."
48 FPS in 2D?
I haven't been too impressed really with the look of any of the 3D films I have seen.
No 48fps in 2D anywhere. You wanna watch the FUTURE OF CINEMA, you have to watch it in 3D, THE FUTURE OF CINEMA.
It may just be that your brain doesn't refresh very often, Erik. Do you ever feel...not so fresh?
I am going to see it this weekend. Also, this is why I generally don't read reviews, except for Skinner's.

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