There were elements of the cartoon version of Return of the King that I thought were much more focused and representative of the book than Jackson's. It was excruciatingly cheese ball at times, but it really handled Sam and Frodo's struggle through Mordor well, and they actually got Gollum's character right...although his look and voice kinda sucked.
@Spindles: I just always liked that "Where there's a whip there's a way" song the orcs had.
WHAT? Smaug's voice was the best part of the movie! He scared the crap out of my when I was six! I was expecting the dragon to roar and that Bilbo would get through by tricking it. Just a dumb animal, right?

Instead it sounded like it was just about to lose it's patience with all these idiots and said "I can SMELL you." Mind blown!

I want that as a ring tone, now. "I can SMELL you."
I've seen/heard the word "precious" used as a pejorative a few times recently, and I'm a little confused about it. Does it mean juvenile, but not in the crude sense that booger jokes are juvenile? I saw a tweet that said something like "_____ is more precious than Zoey Deschanel at a thrift store." That doesn't seem that juvenile, since as a child there was little else I hated more than a thrift/antique store.
Also, Gollum's voice (Brother Theodore) was much better in the cartoon. I can't stand the voice they use in Peter Jackson's.
I love this cartoon. I have it on VHS, and have watched it a lot. I still dig the music. For some reason I never watched the LOTR cartoons! I should get on that...
That's funny. I too loved this as a child and too watched this on a sick day recently for the first time since said childhood.

I was thoroughly disappointed. :(
Can we just fucking read the book? Yes, let's.
I could never make it through the theme song...

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