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Unpacking the Portland Brand in City Baby

CITY BABY Sick of hearing about Portland yet?


"...the cityscapes and landmarks the prettiest onscreen representation of our city outside of Portlandia's opening credits."

wow, the author of this review really needs to see some more movies. maybe start with one called "My Own Private Idaho."
Drugstore Cowboy also has some great shots of mid 80 s Portland. Or, you can watch the first 3 seasons of COPS, which were all shot in Portland/SW Washington
The films mentioned by the previous comments are excellent (I am sure Allison has seen them) this on the other hand, well...Portland, a Baldwin (who lives here I think) and hipster "stereotypes"....(are they stereotypes if they are often true? )? Sounds lame, but I will see it if only to confirm it is exactly what it sounds like it is. An easy portrayal of a culture of parody without intent?
Showstopper, "I am sure Allison has seen them" is literally the nicest thing you've ever said to me. I'll be curious to hear what you think of the movie.
I made the movie and it's fun to comment on comments, especially when its your movie. To put this in the same sentence as Drugstore and Idaho, 2 films that arguably could/should be on most top lists of all time, is kind of laughable. But I think it holds its own against the 3rd season of Cops pretty well.

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