VAL KILMER Hes Bob Dylans huckleberry.
  • VAL KILMER He's Bob Dylan's huckleberry.

You're probably already aware that Val Kilmer is currently being all sorts of awesome (PROOF! PROOF!), but what you might not have known is that Bob Dylan is a fucking HUGE fan of Tombstone! And Val Kilmer has an AMAZING story about it! Via today's Guest DJ Project on KCRW, here's Val:

So Bob Dylan loves Tombstone, it turns out. I found out he was in New York so I called my friend and I said you know, I'd love to meet him, is there any chance and he says, "I don't know, I'll find out." And the next call I got I thought was going to be my friend, but it wasn't, it was Bob.

I was real excited, like a crazy fan, like a child; it was so great. Basically it was like nothing. It was like we were old friends, it was like, "You want to come over?" and he was like, "Yeah." So, hangs up the phone, I was newly married and we had a baby and I went in and said "I think Bob Dylan's coming over…I'm not sure, it could be a hoax…."

He shows up and sits down and he wants to talk about Tombstone, but I just can't, you know, nor can I talk about any of his stuff. Eventually he says, "Ain't you going to say anything about that movie?" and I said, "Do some 'Blowing in the Wind' and I'll…."

That's what I said to him, basically I said no. I get like that sometimes. So I turned him down and, I thought, no one turns this guy down. Anyway, I felt like an idiot afterwards, well, yeah I could have said a few lines. They're fun lines too, like people still ask me to say lines and now I’ll tell any schmo in the airport, I'll say "I'm your huckleberry", but I wouldn't say it Bob Dylan!

I felt so bad about it. I was like how could I make it up to him? So what I did was, I recorded "It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding" but as Doc Holiday and I put in all of the big lines from the movie into the song and made him a little tape. (Via.)

What I would give to hear that tape.