recommended The Act of Killing
See review this issue. Cinema 21.

And While We Were Here
See review this issue. Hollywood Theatre.

The Artist and the Model
It's 1943. A beautiful Spanish refugee is taken in by a couple living in German-occupied France. As is the case with many a beautiful woman, she sparks the creative juices of her host's sculptor husband and inspires his final work. If awards are your thing, this film won Best Director at the 2012 San Sebastián Film Festival. Fox Tower 10.

recommended Barbarella
"Make love? But no one's done that for hundreds of centuries!" Screens as part of Broad Spectrum, the Hollywood Theatre's new film series for women audiences. Hollywood Theatre.

Bollywood at the Hollywood
A screening of the 1979 Bollywood flick Jaani Dushman, preceded by a set from DJ Anjali. Hollywood Theatre.

recommended Escape From New York
"In 1988, the crime rate in the United States rises 400 percent. The once great city of New York becomes the one maximum security prison for the entire country." See My, What a Busy Week! Hollywood Theatre.

An Evening With Charlie Ahearn
Two movies by Charlie Ahearn: The 1983 hiphop classic Wild Style and his new film, Jamel Shabazz: Street Photographer. Director in attendance for a Q&A hosted by the Lifesavas' Vursatyle. Hollywood Theatre.

The Family
See review this issue. Various Theaters.

recommended Fast Times at Ridgemont High
"All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine." Academy Theater.

Finding Truelove
Washington filmmaker Sam Kuhn's film in which three pals become obsessed with a "feather-banged mystery man, Timothy Truelove." Seems fair. Whitsell Auditorium.

recommended Get Shorty
"Robert Mitchum played the drunk in El Dorado. Dean Martin played the drunk in Rio Bravo. Basically, it was the same part. Now John Wayne, he did the same in both. He played John Wayne." Laurelhurst Theater.

Insidious: Chapter 2
Whaa? A crappy-looking horror flick that wasn't screened for critics? Why, I never.... Various Theaters.

recommended L'Avventura
A group of wealthy, oversexed Italians go pleasure cruising off the coast of Sicily. While anchored on a rocky, desolate island, one of the girls wanders off, vanishing altogether. After a fruitless search, her best friend (Monica Vitti) and boyfriend (Gabriele Ferzetti) hook up. No one ever finds the missing girl; the movie never explains what happens to her. Michelangelo Antonioni's groundbreaking 1960 film is infamous for its depiction of alienation, its lack of traditional plot, and a visual sensibility whose deep focus inextricably embeds the characters in their surroundings. It remains a cold and gorgeous film, exhilarating and numbing in equal measures. Screening in a new 35mm print. NED LANNAMANN Whitsell Auditorium.

Our Nixon
A film about Nixon's presidency, pieced together using Super 8 footage shot in 1969 by three of Nixon's pals, H.R. Haldeman, John Ehrlichman, and Dwight Chapin. Hollywood Theatre.

Portland Stew
A monthly "open screening potluck" that combines food and experimental film. More at Clinton Street Theater.

Red Obsession
A Russell Crowe-narrated documentary about "the history, triumphs and global economic complexities of the holy grail of fine wines, Bordeaux." So that sounds fucking insufferable. Living Room Theaters.

Repressed Cinema
A monthly series at the Hollywood Theatre, "showing vintage and contemporary films that are obscure, neglected, and from the fringe." Hollywood Theatre.

The Residue Years
A documentary about author Mitchell S. Jackson. Jackson in attendance; also see Books, this issue. Hollywood Theatre.

For its first half hour, this sequel to 2000's low-budget Pitch Black and 2004's baroque The Chronicles of Riddick is a sparse, gripping, and nearly wordless sci-fi western—a fantastic reminder of both Pitch Black and Vin Diesel's charms. (Also, there's a space puppy!) Alas, things head downhill fast. ERIK HENRIKSEN Various Theaters.

Sample This
A documentary about hiphop pioneer DJ Kool Herc, inexplicably narrated by Gene Simmons. Clinton Street Theater.

The Second Coming
The latest short film from Portland-based filmmaker D.R. Garrett, and a "post-modern version of the Jesus and Mary Magdalene story." More at Clinton Street Theater.

recommended Short Term 12
Our setting: a residential facility for high-risk kids, overseen by a staff not far from childhood themselves. Leading the charge is Grace (Brie Larson), a twentysomething of remarkable passion and self-possession. Helping her is Mason (John Gallagher Jr.), her live-in boyfriend and fellow counselor, who buffers Grace's no-bullshit approach with an avuncular-stoner vibe. From top to bottom, Short Term 12 is laced with moments of deep, messy humanity that will take your breath away. DAVID SCHMADER Fox Tower 10.

A Teacher
A teacher (Lindsay Burdge) has an affair with one of her students. Between this, The Lifeguard, and Adore, there are sure a lot of recent movies about boys scoring with the older ladies! A SIGN OF OUR TIMES??? Living Room Theaters.

recommended Trent Harris Retrospective
See Film, this issue. Clinton Street Theater.