You just like the Giant because he never plays Cards Against Humanity.
I'm confused over the indifference towards the Golan/Globus-produced Quest for Peace. It has Jon Cryer playing Nintendo. Classic.
Is it better than The Brave Little Toaster?
It's also worth mentioning Ted Hughes' wonderful book (originally titled THE IRON MAN and changed in the US for obvious superhero-related reasons).
Nice analysis, I would go even a bit further and posit that Bird's wonderful treatment of Hughes' story also directly addresses one of the fundamental questions of Existentialism: "Is this all I am?" The robot is a machine designed for destruction, but as it continues to interact with humans - fortunately, mostly moral, caring, conscientious humans - it comes to discover that one need not be limited to the confines of one's "programming", that one develops true character by confronting moral dilemmas and making active choices in response. In this case, "I am NOT a gun!" represents such a crossroads point, because, truth be told, it IS a gun, a very big, insanely powerful gun. But, making the choice to not BE a gun, to be something different, something better, to BE "Su-per-man", if only for a moment, and even at the supreme sacrifice of one's own life for the greater good, is a significant, evolutionary step forward. It's what makes us human, and what ultimately separates the good guys from the bad guys.
That Bird then went on to make the best superhero film ever (The Incredibles) is, in hindsight, not surprising in the least.
I wonder if those guys saw Johnny Sokko as kids.
@frankieb: I'm sure of it.
This is why Brad Bird should be in charge of Warners' DC film division, live-action and animated. He just gets it.
As one of the animators on that's always good to hear such wonderful things about this movie. At the time...we all knew we had something wonderful and we were excited about the always, moron execs got in the way. And the whole crew went their separate ways. But we DID have lightning in a bottle at the time and it was great to work on this fantastic movie with a truly FANTASTIC crew.

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