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Back to Adventure

BROKEN AGE PRO: It's an excellent old-school adventure! CON: That super creepy tree!


I'm looking forward to playing this when the 2nd episode is released. They also have another adventure game out called The Cave that looks like it is fun too.

I picked up the Double Fine Bundle from about a year ago and have had a great time playing all of the games it included: Psychonauts, Stacking, Costume Quest, Brutal Legend, and a bunch of prototype stuff. I highly recommend anything that this studio puts out, you can tell that they really care about and enjoy what they do.
As Kickstarter backers, my husband and I got to play the sneak preview. It's wonderful! It's so great to see a non-dumb/victim female character, especially a young woman of color. Double Fine can do no wrong.
I'm really excited at the prospect of Kickstarter+iDevice Adventure games. I've fallen out of playing most modern games because the elements of story seem mainly lost in a shoot-em-up, steal the cop car world (I fully acknowledge this statement as a cane shake).

Now to find the time to play the good games without sacrificing the good tabletop games time...

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