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Diving Into the NW Film Center's Wes Anderson Series

MOONRISE KINGDOM "Cut, cut, CUT! Be more precocious, goddammit!"


Ugh. Just stop it with this guy already. He makes the same damn movie EVERY TIME he makes a movie.

And, too many annoying people in this town seemingly model both their insufferable personalities and atrocious style of dress after his characters.

You guys are gross.
Figures a bunch of chumps who haven't developed a personality on their own, and therefore need to borrow some from Wes Anderson films would dislike my comment.

Seriously though. Why are there so many people who worship this guy? Why do so many people look and act and talk like his characters? It's like his movies are some kind of instruction manual on how to be a quirky nitwit.

I'd rather be surrounded by Portlanders aping Woody Allen characters than Wes Anderson characters any day. At least their quirkiness would be mildly interesting, then.
Get a load of the asshole who based his/her profile pic and username on a pink Hanna-Barbera lion but still rants about "quirky nitwits" who seemingly (to a presumptuous moron) model their style and personalities on Wes Anderson characters. If you're so concerned about "insufferable personalities," then check out the person in the mirror, for whom the mere existence of a series of films by a widely popular director is enough to send the judgmental spittle flying, and who has nothing better to do than add still more repetitive rants to Blogtown about "quirky" people in Portland who wear something you don't approve of and thus must be copying Anderson movies. Don't worry, judging people for wearing thrift-store clothes and thick-rimmed glasses wasn't at all played-out and tiresome more than ten years ago, so you're still so much more original and interesting than all the "gross" people you look down on.
Anyway, his characters really don't dress or talk alike, except in that he tends to use a regular group of actors in many of his films. But if you don't like his movies, stop watching them. It's not hard to figure out.
Congratulations on having developed your own personality, you unique snowflake. Too bad you didn't develop a better one.

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