Movies & TV Sep 17, 2014 at 4:00 pm

In Which We Hit It and Quit It

THE ZERO THEOREM Following a VOD release, Terry Gilliam’s excellent latest hits the big screen.


Some mainstream media sources have discounted and dismissed the film on Moss about a cancer therapy cover-up as some unsupported fringe theory, lacking circumstantial evidence.

The recognition that mainstream media outlets are pawns for big corporate industries, like the cancer cartel, reveals that this is only propaganda in the form of damage control.

Because if you actually look at the conventional cancer industry over the last century one can find many similar cases of suppression of alternative cancer therapies.

And, the corrupt criminal shenanigans of the cancer industry and the government bureaucracies are ongoing today. Example, cancer statistics get routinely used deceptively and vital facts get ignored or dismissed by the establishment (read the epilogue in this article: ).

The just uncovered fraud committed by the federal CDC regarding data on vaccines (which is carefully suppressed and hidden by the corporate media) is yet another clear fact that this criminal mafia is fully alive today, hoodwinking and harming unwitting people in the millions.

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