See "Get Out of This Place," Film, Feb 4. Not all films were screened for critics. For showtimes, theaters, and a complete list of films, see nwfilm.org.

recommended 10,000 KM (Spain)
She goes to LA, he stays in Barcelona, and Skype does what it can. Smart, bittersweet, and occasionally really hot (Game of Thrones' Natalia Tena is still not the slightest bit camera shy), with a genuine feel for how innocuous pillow talk can quickly turn serious and/or sour. ANDREW WRIGHT

recommended Belle and Sebastian (France)
Kids (and adults who can tolerate 'em) will love this movie about a French boy and a feral dog he befriends in the Nazi-occupied French Alps. The titular twee band makes no appearance. COURTNEY FERGUSON

recommended Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (Australia)
If you grew up watching low-budget '80s action flicks on VHS, Electric Boogaloo is an indispensably entertaining doc. True anecdotes about Mssrs. Golan and Globus, the enthusiastic but undiscerning Israeli entrepreneurs who funneled hundreds of schlocky titles like American Ninja and Bloodsport into cinemas, are better than most of the movies. ERIC D. SNIDER

Horse Money (Portugal)
Pedro Costa's latest plays like a feed from the mind of its lead character as he pores over his tortured past on his deathbed. Though hauntingly beautiful, the film is a slow slog and, without some knowledge of Portuguese politics, often confusing. ROBERT HAM

recommended In Order of Disappearance (Norway)
In Order of Disappearance reunites Stellan Skarsgård with his A Somewhat Gentle Man director, Hans Petter Moland, for a darkly comic Norwegian revenge thriller about an ordinary snowplow driver (the native title translates as "Powerful Idiot") bumping off the mobsters who killed his son. It's bloody, violent fun that's somehow tasteful in spite of itself. ERIC D. SNIDER

Today (Iran)
A character study of a stoic taxi driver who takes a desperate unwed pregnant woman to the hospital. Single mothers don't fare well in Tehran... so there's your first clue this is going to be depressing. COURTNEY FERGUSON

All the Wilderness
See review this issue. Living Room Theaters.

Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Portland, Oregon
Making good use of rare archival footage from the Oregon Historical Society, local documentary Arresting Power is at its strongest when telling the origin story of Portland's police accountability movement—providing potent evidence that the marches and demands for change that have erupted post-Ferguson are part of a decades-long tradition started by our city's African American community. DENIS C. THERIAULT Hollywood Theatre.

recommended Bonnie and Clyde
A fun, sexy, groundbreaking movie marred by a performance so irritating and unbearable that you will want to gouge your ears out. Estelle Parsons is the offender here, a shrieky, whiny, moany counterpoint to Warren Beatty, Gene Hackman, and Faye Dunaway, all of whom are effortlessly cool. NED LANNAMANN Academy Theater.

recommended Dirty Harry
See My, What a Busy Week! Laurelhurst Theater.

See review this issue. Various Theaters.

Fifty Shades of Grey
Your classic boy-meets-girl, boy-spanks-girl, boy-disrespects-girl's-needs tale. ELINOR JONES Various Theaters.

F(l)ag Football
Well-intentioned and entirely too long, this documentary focuses on a gay football league, following several determined teams in their quest for the national title. Screening presented by the Media Institute for Social Change. ERIK HENRIKSEN Academy Theater.

recommended A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
See review this issue. Cinema 21.

recommended Grindhouse Film Festival
See My, What a Busy Week! Hollywood Theatre.

A series where the audience texts their jokes directly onto the screen. This month, summon up the puntastic nastiness of the Crypt Keeper during the Tales from the Crypt movie Demon Knight. Hollywood Theatre.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2
See review this issue. Various Theaters.

recommended Kingsman: The Secret Service
Smashingly fun. NED LANNAMANN Various Theaters.

The Last Five Years
See review this issue. Living Room Theaters.

See review this issue. Fox Tower 10.

recommended McFarland, USA
See review this issue. Various Theaters.

PNCA Stop/Watch
PNCA's annual festival of moving image and time-based works, encompassing narrative film as well as experimental performance and animation. Hollywood Theatre.

recommended Portland Black Film Festival
The third annual Portland Black Film Festival, curated by Ariella Tai and David Walker, focuses "on the important contributions to cinema of African American women directors." This week: Melissa Lowery's documentary Black Girl in Suburbia. Also see My, What a Busy Week! Hollywood Theatre.

Reel Feminism
POWFest's film series, featuring films "made by women that address issues of gender equality and the varied nature of women's lived experiences." This month: Living Thinkers. More at cstpdx.com. Clinton Street Theater.

recommended Timbuktu
See review this issue. Living Room Theaters.

recommended MEANS WE RECOMMEND IT. Theater locations are accurate Friday, February 20-Thursday, February 26, unless otherwise noted. Movie times are updated daily and are available here.