THE QUESTION at the heart of When Harry Met Sally feels pretty dated these days. Can men and women really be "just friends"? Yeah dummies, we totally can. Sleeping with Other People isn't technically a WHMS remake—"slavish homage" might be more accurate—but it poses the same question, with a twist: Can two hot sex addicts who are super attracted to each other and have literally no external barriers to a relationship ever really be "just friends"? Look, sometimes you have to torture a premise before it gives up the goods.

And Sleeping with Other People actually is pretty good. By "good," I mean "succeeds in making me feel emotionally invested in whether two hot people are going to make out." The gold standard of the romcom.

Lainey (Alison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis) lost their virginity to each other in college. A decade later—**MEET CUTE ALERT**—they cross paths at a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting. He's an arrogant womanizer; she's unhealthily obsessed with a married ex-lover. Given the extent of their mutual romantic dysfunction, they agree that it would be kinder to simply remain friends. Friends who go lingerie shopping together. That kind of friends.

The obstacles facing these characters are entirely self-generated, and it's hard to take their predicament particularly seriously. But Sudeikis and Brie have great charisma, the supporting cast is full of actors I'm always happy to see (Natasha Lyonne! Adam Scott! Seth from The O.C.!), and there are some genuinely funny gags, like when the two "just friends" decide to take molly and hit up a kid's birthday party. Other People teeters wildly between sexiness and silliness, and it's refreshingly frank about sex itself, in a way few romcoms are. It doesn't exactly cover new ground, but it does make familiar ground sexy and fun again.