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Ang Lee's Gemini Man isn't a bad movie so much as it's a missed opportunity. Considering the talent assembled in front and behind the camera and the 20 years (that's right, 20 years) of development time, you'd expect either a powerhouse of artsy action cinema or at least a trainwreck for the ages. But Gemini Man isn't either of those. It's just... kinda boring.

Will Smith plays Henry, a world class assassin with (get this) one more job until retirement. Obviously, that one job goes horribly awry and globe-trotting espionage escapades ensue, with secret agent Danny (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and some guy they know who owns a plane (Benedict Wong) along for the ride. Oh, and a billionaire military contractor (Clive Owen) cloned Henry in the '90s, and the clone is trying to kill everyone and that's why there's a de-aged Will Smith on the posters!

Lee, never one to sprint when he can saunter, appears to have selected only the lowest-energy takes he could find, then strung them into a very sleepy The Bourne Identity cover song. There used to be a time when even a bad Will Smith movie was a good movie because it had Will Smith in it, but not even two Will Smiths can save this one.