NW Film & Video Fest: My Son the Pornographer & Change of Living & Chronicles of a Professional Eulogist

You have to kind of feel sorry for Kole, the titular "pornagrapher" of My Son the Pornagrapher. He had a bit of a tumultuous childhood, one of the results of which is that the man he connects with as a father figure is Art, an ex-boyfriend of his mother's. Kole was also repeatedly molested by the guy who owned the local convenience store, which Art is convinced is what led him to a life of sin. The real kicker is that Art is an amateur filmmaker who decided not only to confront Kole about all of this, but to make a 45-minute film about the process of harassing him. I'm sure the original intention was somewhat altruistic, but the result is just a little TMI. Screens with Change of Living and Chronicles of a Professional Eulogist.


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