Takashi Makino: Expanded Abstraction

On the surface, Takashi Makino’s films are a chaotic blend of colors that float or burst into view as a result of his experiments with superimposing 35mm and digital image. But as these short works unfold, the precision and care that this Japanese artist takes with the placement and movement of each moment becomes discernable. The experience of the films is only deepened by Makino’s use of sound, which includes pieces composed by himself and fellow avant garde musicians like Jim O’Rourke and Floris Vanhoof. You’ll be able to experience in its fullest form when the filmmaker visits the Hollywood Theatre to present three of his short subjects, including the melting beauty of his On Generation and Corruption and The Picture From Darkness, a moving and subtle homage to the late British filmmaker Derek Jarman. Filmmaker in attendance.


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