Shut Up Anthony

Tim (Jon Titterington) and Anthony (Robert A. E’Esposito) are sad rich white guys crashing in their families’ shared vacation home to avoid dealing with some personal shit, and boy are they ever insufferable. Shut Up Anthony is the kind of movie that gets described as annoying if it stars women and profound if it’s about men. (Think Lena Dunham vs. Llewyn Davis.) Unlikeability is only considered a problem if we’re talking about women, which is a shame, because the two leads in this movie are so fucking irritating—especially fucking Tim OMFG—that I wanted to throw my laptop across the room. Portland director Kyle Eaton’s film is well-paced and beautifully shot, with an excellent assortment of local music on the soundtrack, and ultimately, it holds together as quiet little portrait of despair. There are also a lot of endearing appearances from local comedians and actors. But you couldn’t pay me to watch it again.


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