Cézanne et Moi

Cézanne et Moi is supposed to be a portrait of the tumultuous lifelong friendship between Great French Writer Emile Zola and Great French Artist Paul Cézanne. Unfortunately, they’re both insufferable—the movie isn’t a portrayal of friendship between male artists so much as an argument to avoid associating with them. Also infuriating: Though populated by actors portraying most of the male painters represented in the impressionist wing of Paris’ Musée d’Orsay, the only woman artist who appears on screen in Cézanne et Moi is Berthe Morisot (Carole Labouze), and she’s shown declining a gross come-on from Cézanne. No thank you! The other women in this movie are shown being treated as props for Cézanne’s compositions, being berated by Cézanne for not sitting still enough, being berated by Cézanne for having veins below their breasts that fuck up his color palette (?), or being cheated on by Zola. Honestly, if either of these artists mean anything to you, I’d avoid seeing this movie. Quelle horreur!


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