But I'm a Cheerleader

Jamie Babbit’s ahead-of-its-time satire tells the story of a teenage girl sent to rehab for being gay, only to discover that rehab for being gay is a giant load of bullshit. How ahead of its time was it? When it released in 1999, it was initially rated NC-17 until trims were made to limit the homosexual content in the film, and myopic, cynical film critics couldn’t process it as anything other than a labored John Waters knock-off. Now it’s considered one of the best examples of the late ‘90s teen comedy renaissance, a clever blend of cute, corny, and cutting, containing two of the best ever performances by both Clea DuVall and Natasha Lyonne. In other words, it’s a perfect opportunity for newcomers to discover its gaudy charms, and for the already-converted, to rediscover them on the big screen.


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