Kung Fu Theater: Bloody Monkey Master

This month’s installment in Dan Halsted’s ongoing celebration of all things whoop-ass is one of his recent kung-fu rescues, and the only known 35mm print of 1977's Bloody Monkey Master, which some of you may remember from the late '90s VHS days as "that sketchy copy of Iron Monkey you overpaid for at Suncoast when you meant to buy the Donnie Yen movie." It stars Chen Kuan Tai as a lazy, shiftless student who is forced to consider getting his shit together after the Eagle Claw Master of the Imperial Army murders his whole fuckin' family. So he hides out at the Shaolin Temple, as orphaned, revenge-hungry layabouts are wont to do, where Bitter Monk trains him in Monkey Style kung fu. And once his vicious Monkey Fist is mad strong, you'd better believe that's when the blood starts gushing.


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