The Snowman

2017 | 119 minutes | Rated R

Tomas Alfredson’s Scandinavian crime thriller The Snowman, based on a novel by Jo Nesbø, starts off good ‘n’ creepy, portraying the exact conditions that mark the early lives of many a serial killer. Alas, it slowly unravels into a collection of loose ends, despite the best efforts of Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Ferguson as a dysfunctional team investigating murders in pristine Norwegian towns. Fassbender’s furrowed brow is capable of a lot, but not carrying an entire movie.


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Film Credits
Tomas Alfredson
Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jonas Karlsson, J.K. Simmons, Val Kilmer, David Dencik, Toby Jones, Chloë Sevigny, James D'Arcy, Sofia Helin, Jakob Oftebro, Jamie Clayton