The Foreigner


2017 | 114 minutes | Rated R

Jackie Chan plays Quan, a frumpy dad with secret Special Forces training on quest for vengeance through a complex web of contemporary British counter-terrorism and North Ireland politics. Quan is a man hollowed out by grief, and Chan translates his talent for demanding physical comedy into a keenly observed body language of hunched shoulders and shuffling steps. Paired with Pierce Brosnan’s effortlessly menacing charm, there’s a lot of, well, acting, in a genre that’s usually reserved for stoicism and grave intonation.


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Film Credits
Martin Campbell
Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, Ray Fearon, Orla Brady, Tao Liu, Charlie Murphy, David Pearse, Rufus Jones, Niall McNamee, Rory Byrne, Stephen Hogan, Michael McElhatton, Katie Leung, Dermot Crowley, Simon Kunz