Another WolfCop

The first WolfCop was a fun, crass, Canadian B-movie that dared to ask, “What if RoboCop, but a werewolf?” Unlike a lot of other low-budget action/horror/comedy pastiches, WolfCop worked because the creators came at it from a place of love (admittedly, a love of schlock ’80s movies and werewolf sex) rather than trying to make a bad movie for the “it’s so bad it’s good” crowd. Another WolfCop is another a fun, crass, Canadian B-movie that slightly expands on the premise by daring to ask, “What if WolfCop played hockey, and Kevin Smith was the mayor?” Most of the gang from the first WolfCop returns, and they’ve got an easy camaraderie that overcomes the film’s technical limitations (although the horrifically gory werewolf transformations are consistently great). So if you’re still reading this: Grab a sixer of Labatt Blue and get your WolfCop on.


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